Training & Development


In accordance with the motto – “our employees are our most important asset” – the Grandhotel Hessischer Hof regularly offers all of its employees training courses and instruction. They are supplemented by additional certification options, which assess the level of an employee and facilitate appropriate encouragement and support for personal as well as specialist advancement. At the same time, that also serves to safeguard and preserve the quality of our establishment. The range of options offered is diverse and includes courses for vocational trainees, food & beverage instruction, security training, special departmental training measures as well as management courses for departmental managers. In addition, “on the job” training is also provided in order to communicate the “The Leading Hotels of the World” and “Preferred Hotels & Resorts” standards and to highlight general service qualities.

Every new employee is welcomed to the Grandhotel Hessischer Hof with an orientation day – he or she is introduced to the hotel, the company, the House of Hesse as well as all important contacts in a timely manner.




Employee Brochure

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