We Demonstrate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility – striving to combine social and ecological goals with economic activity voluntarily and deliberately – is an integral part of the corporate philosophy of the Grandhotel Hessischer Hof and the corporate culture that it puts into practice in real life.

In accordance with the principles of corporate social responsibility, our luxury hotel has committed itself to fulfil its obligation to engage in sustainable business activities, because we have recognised that acting in an ecologically and socially responsible manner mean safeguarding future competence and innovative strength.

Environmental protection measures – such as energy and water conservation, reduction of carbon emissions, recycling and using eco-friendly technologies and raw materials – play a great role in this context. Avoiding products that are harmful to the environment is a matter of course for our team.

At our hotel, all sustainability aspects are based on the pillars of social, environmental and economic concerns because, if you are economically successful, you can and must contribute towards solving social problems. Our objective is to shoulder ecological and social responsibility and make a long-term, positive contribution towards sustainability with the Grandhotel Hessischer Hof.

We support the World Childhood Foundation with great conviction: it was founded ten years ago by Queen Silvia of Sweden. The goal of the foundation is to help, support and encourage exploited and abused children worldwide. That is accomplished with the assistance of the foundation members, who are making it possible to realise 100 projects in 15 countries at present. We are convinced that children are our future and that every child has a right to an untroubled childhood. Princess Floria of Hesse, a member of our family of owners, is active as an ambassador for the World Childhood Foundation.

Local Responsibility

In addition, we also take on responsibility locally in Frankfurt and regularly support well-known and less well-known projects, such as the Wunder-Stiftung foundation, the Städel Museum, the Christmas Dinner for Homeless People, the Zoo, the Feldbahnmuseum and the Struwwelpetermuseum or the Papageno Theater.

Vorübergehende Schließung des Hotelbetriebs

In der gesamten Bundesrepublik werden aktuell weitreichende Einschränkungen in den verschiedenen Bereichen des öffentlichen Lebens vorgenommen. Um eine weitere Verbreitung des Coronavirus einzudämmen und das Risiko für die Allgemeinheit zu senken, gilt es entsprechende Vorsichtsmaßnahmen zu treffen.

Die Unternehmensgruppe Prinz von Hessen nimmt die aktuelle Lage sehr ernst und stellt den operativen Betrieb der Restaurants und Hotels vorübergehend ein. Diese Vorkehrungsmaßnahme gilt ab dem 23. März bis vorerst einschließlich 19. April 2020. Sie erstreckt sich auf das Grandhotel Hessischer Hof in Frankfurt, das Schlosshotel Kronberg in Kronberg im Taunus und das Hotel & Restaurant Ole Liese in Panker, Schleswig-Holstein.

Aktuelle Informationen rund um die Betriebe der Unternehmensgruppe Prinz von Hessen werden weiterhin über die Website kommuniziert.  Für zukünftige Anfragen oder anderweitige Anliegen ist die Verkaufsdirektion telefonisch unter der Nummer +49 (0)6173 – 327 09 34 oder per Mail an erreichbar.