Green sauce Festival 2017: We are happy about the victory!

On May 20, 2017, the Green Sauce from the kitchen chef, Roland Füssel, with an interpretation of the Frankfurt specialty in the culinary-cultural competition won against a total of 54 Hessian restaurateurs.

The „Grie Soß“, as it is called in the Frankfurter dialect, has always been regarded as a cult dish of the Hessian metropolis and had the 10th anniversary of the „Grüne Soße Festival“ on the Roßmarkt in Frankfurt.

Since we do not want to deprive you of the winner sauce, you can now try some dishes in our Gourmet restaurant Sèvres.

Pink Roast Beef (cold) | Winner Green Sauce | fried potatoes

Original Viennese Schnitzel | Winner Green Sauce |New potatoes

Make a reservation for the perfect combination of chives, Borretsch, Pimpernelle, Kerbel, Sorrel, Parsley, Kresse.

For all our neighbors in Frankfurt, we also offer you an exclusive sample of the Green Sauce test winner delivered into your office.

We wish you good appetite!

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